Sunday, July 12, 2009

Not me! Monday

It being Monday again, I am NOT going to tell you about some of the things I most certainly didn't do over the last week! It's a short one this week folks...enjoy!

I definitely did not put off making my toddler's 18 month pediatrician appointment until the last minute, get on their website to schedule one, find out that the next available for our doc is in SEPTEMBER, and lastly, did not call the office to beg ask them if there was any way to fit me in this week.

It was not me that used a day trip to Dutch Wonderland last week as an excuse to stop by the Nissley Vineyards wine store at the Lancaster Outlets to stock up. It wasn't me that passed on the 20% off a case of wine and only picked up eight bottles, sighting "willpower". So it's obviously not me that is now seriously regretting that decision, as we have not already finished off five of those eight bottles. Day trip to Lancaster anyone?

It could not have been me that decided it was a good idea to let Jillian pick out afternoon movies to watch. So far she has definitely not watched Labyrinth and Shrek 2 twice and A Christmas Story. And loved them!

Want to read more about what people didn't do this past week? Check out MckMama's Blog, and if you have some to share, link up! Next week is going to be Not MY Child! Monday, so I'm going to be keeping a list!!!


Booklover1212 said...

Had to laugh at the wine shopping. Hubby and I brought a case of wine back from Pittsburgh and then proceed to buy another couple bottles when we went up north last weekend. Funny how we used to buy cases of beer once upon a time! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by my blog too & leaving a comment!

~ Jennifer

emk said...

So did you get an appt?

melaniet42 said...

Yeah, I got an appointment with Dr. Shaw on Friday morning. Phew! When are you guys going?

emk said...

tomorrow (the 15th). should be interesting! at least the kid has eaten ham 4 days in a row so i don't have to tell them that he's on a total meat strike.