Monday, July 6, 2009

Not me! Monday

It's time for another Not Me! post, hosted by MckMama.

We'll start was not me that totally forgot to be writing down her "not me's" for the week so that I didn't have to think too hard today.

It is not me who loves it when the toddler amuses herself in the afternoon so that I can rearrange my Farm Town farm on Facebook.

It couldn't have been me who watched in amusement as Jillian slipped and slid down the slip and slide, then proceeded to hop in the sandbox and pour sand over her wet head this weekend. And it wasn't me who was asked yet again if Jillian is my first. Clearly, I'm not as protective as some would expect a first-time mom to be!

It was certainly not me that had a severe case of camera envy at the 4th of July party we attended and shamelessly asked to snap some pictures with a friend's Nikon D70 (thanks Jeni!).

It was definitely not me that left my own camera, the baby's sunscreen, and the baby's hat at said 4th of July party. More pictures from 4th of July party will follow later in the week....

It is not me who, despite having a kitchen full of food from a massive grocery trip at the end of last week, and still had a tough time trying to figure out what on earth I felt like cooking for dinner tonight.

And it is also not me that munches on Nerds after the baby goes to sleep, spills a few on the floor, and then wonders what the baby is chewing on that's giving her green lips!

Have any non-confessions to make this week? Want to read about what other people didn't do this week? Check out MckMama's blog and link up with your post!


Tara said...

Those were great! I LOVE Nerds too!

Booklover1212 said...

Hi there! Just hopping over the visit from MckMama's Not Me Monday post! I had to laugh hysterically at the Nerds one! Too priceless! Loved reading your blog! Have a great week!

~ Jennifer

Fake Aunt Jen said...

i'm nervous about putting my not me moments on here since it pertains to not working on a big graphic design project for someone near & dear to your heart...