Monday, July 20, 2009

Jilly Who?

Let me preface this post by saying that when I heard that MckMama was hosting a "Not MY Child Monday" this week, I was totally excited and committed to jotting down Jillian's antics over the past week. Then I proceeded to quickly forget all about it until today, possibly because of the weekend's craziness (you can read more about that here). goes with what I cobbled together at the last minute. Might I add here that I have ALWAYS been a terrible procrastinator.

It was definitely not my sweet baby who was handed a dog treat to give to a friend's dog at church on Sunday (we attend an outdoor service during the summer) and predictably promptly put it in her mouth.

It was also not my well dressed Jillian who, the entire day yesterday, wore the cutest dress ever backwards.

It could not have been my toddler who imitated mommy shaving her legs with a bottle opener at a party yesterday.

And finally, it is not my Jillian who has selected favorite movies, and has learned to bring mommy or daddy a DVD that she wants to watch, hand it over to us, and make the sign for "more" when she wants to watch it.

Want to join in? Post about what YOUR little one(s) didn't do this week and come over to MckMama's blog and link up! And even better, read about the hilarity that is everyone else's kids!

1 comment:

Tara said...

So cute esp. wearing the dress backwards and the bottle opener imitation:-)

And, you have a snake in your house?!?!?! I would be moving out at least until somebody killed it. Oh my gosh!!