Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dutch Wonderland

Ever since I realized that Jillian is on the daring side, I've wanted to take her to an amusement park. I figured Dutch Wonderland would be just our speed since it is geared for the kids of younger ages and is much less crowded than the typical Hershey Park or Kings Dominion outing. And less expensive. Kids under 3 free, too! Which I guess makes sense since most kids under 3 don't enjoy many rides by themselves. Well, I know one almost 18-month old that got her money's worth today!

Jillian and I met up with Amanda (from church) and her son Josh this morning at 10am when the park opened. The parking lot wasn't even half full at park opening. Score!

Amanda and I rode with Josh and Jillian on the truck ride first. She couldn't reach the steering wheels while strapped in, so she enjoyed playing with them after the ride ended.

Then Jillian enjoyed riding the bulldozer ride by herself.

I spotted a bear ride that looked a little fast, but it was early and there were very few people waiting, so I took a chance and let Jillian ride it. (Josh was not as interested in riding this one!)

It was pretty fast I thought...here Jilly is after the ride started with her hat blown off and holding on pretty tight!

We strolled over to the big slide and each went down with our little ones. No pics of Jillian on this one, but Josh loved it, so I took a picture of the two of them going down a second time. Here it is so you can see what fun Jilly had!

Jillian went on a pony ride...

...and then we went on a boat ride. Oh yeah, we also did the Double Splash Flume, which Jillian seemed not to mind, either (although I did feel her grip on my legs tighten a bit when we went down the big hills!). I would even count it as her first roller coaster. No pics of this one either...I was busy holding on to her, since there's a pretty steep drop in it.

We broke for lunch and headed over to the water park area, Duke's Lagoon. This was the biggest hit for both kids all day!

Jillian loved walking/trotting back and forth in the water and kicking it around.

There were some awesome kiddie-sized water slides in the "small kid" area of the water park. That's where we stayed most of the time. Jillian learned more about "taking turns" with other kids as the water park got more crowded.

We had a great time, spending about five hours or so at the park! Jillian sacked out hard in the car just about as soon as we got moving, since clearly, no nap was had while we were there!

Sorry mom, forgot to say THANK YOU for letting me borrow your camera!!!


Tara said...

Are you sure she's your first baby? I read that on your post yesterday, I think. I would not have dared taking Andrew or myself on the Double Splash Flume...then again, I'm a scaredy cat myself who doesnt like hills. Wish we had a little peoples park like that around here.

lmc said...

Awesome - you've certainly wet my whistle for some Dutch Wonderland! How long was the drive? We're headed to Sesame Place tomorrow - stay tuned...I'll let you know how that one is.

melaniet42 said...

Lindsey, the drive to Lancaster is only about 2 hours (actually, a little less). And going around the Baltimore beltway in the am and up I-83 is against traffic. There's a great Steamboat Inn up there where we used to stay with my stepson Josh when he was younger. And Strasburg with the big railroad and train museum is just a few minutes away. Oh yeah, and did I mention, there are outlets up there too! Let me know how Sesame Place is. I want to do it sometime, but it seemed like it might be a bit far away for now.... Also, next year I want to go to the Crayola factory in Easton, PA!

Brenna said...

it does look like a huge amount of fun! we'll have to go sometime...i've heard lots of good reviews. how much is it to enter for an adult?

melaniet42 said...

$30.95 for an adult. We had $2 off coupons that I may have gotten earlier in the summer at Burger King? I forget for sure where I picked them up. Grocery stores used to give them away too. So it was $28.95 for me and zippy for Jilly. Not bad, as amusement parks go.

Emily said...

OH! Now I'm also getting psyched to try a park this summer!

Casy Schweickart said...

That looked like a lot of fun!! Love the pics at the water park! ;0)