Sunday, July 5, 2009

Better Late Than Never

I would be posting here about the awesome Fourth of July party that we attended yesterday, and all the fun things Jillian did, but alas, it seems I left my camera at the party. Fear not, I will have it back later this week, but for now, I'll share some pictures of our adventure at Sandy Point State Park earlier this week. We got to Sandy Point early and met up with Emily and Jack, and Lindsey and Cady.

Jillian would have spent the entire time playing in the water if I'd have let her. She went straight for it as soon as we got there!

As it was, I had to make her take a "lunch" break and practically hold her down on the blanket to get her to stay. I wouldn't have bothered, but she was cold and chattering! She loved the sand and the water!

There were some horseshoe crabs on the beach that Jillian found intriguing. A nice lady warned us (since we had the babies) about the "stingrays" on the beach. I'm no marine biologist, but I'm pretty sure this is NOT a stingray. LOL.

We are definitely going to make another trip out there; we had tons of fun!!! My only wish is that Sandy Point would have been part of Park Quest 2009 that we have been seriously neglecting!


Tara said...

oh looks like tons of fun. Andrew is more into the sand right now like the little boy in the pictures!

Julie From Inmates said...

Great captures =)

Fake Aunt Jen said...

um, yeah, sting rays live IN THE WATER and are smooth & soft & enormous! looks like a lot of fun!! i wanna go!