Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beer Week at the Tindale House

This week is officially beer week.

Monday evening we went to the first meeting of Pub'n'Talk at Ellicott Mills Brewing Company. $1 beers on Monday nights - woohoo!!

Tuesday, Jillian and I had lunch at Franklin's and brought home a growler of Solar Eclipse for mommy and daddy. Which was, by the way, YUMMY.

Today Jilly and I took a trip down to my friend Brian's house to fill up a couple growlers with some complimentary home brew. He needed to unload some to make room for more. What can I say? We were happy to help him out. And the beers are awesome - thank you Brian! And this evening, we went to dinner at Frisco Grille where it was pint night. Fuller's was featured, so we had a couple Fuller's; the London Porter and the Chiswick Bitter (which totally reminded me of good English beer); and took home two Fuller's pint glasses.

Friday I'm going to hang out with my friend Lisa after baby's bedtime at DuClaw for a bit.

Yep, it's beer week around here!

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Cmaaarrr!!! said...

I endorse beer week! Yay!

I went to Franklin's last week for the first time in awhile. I had the 400 Belgian-style quadrupel, and the Private IPA, both of which were seriously impressive. The coconut curry shrimp was excellent.

Man, had I not been enthralled by the company I was with, I'd have done a write-up! I guess I'll have to go back... :)