Friday, July 24, 2009

Bad "Car"ma

This morning it wasn't sweltering hot and muggy like it's been most of the week, so Jillian and I took a drive up to Patapsco State Park's Avalon Area. Short of visiting the park last spring for a birthday party, I haven't spent much time there in years. Literally. Back when I was about 20 or 21, I used to rollerblade there all the time. Since then, not as much. We walked up the Grist Mill Trail and over the Swinging Bridge. It's always neat seeing some of the remnants of the old mill.

Across the river, we spotted a heron.

Then we walked back via the park road and stopped at one of the playgrounds. I'd like to stress here that my preference is for playgrounds that aren't padded with mulch. Mulch is dirty and sticks to everything. Somehow it ALWAYS makes it's way into Jilly's diaper, too. It was a nice time and a good walk, though.

We got back to the car, chatted with a family that was about to do some biking, and started to make our way home. I should have known something was amiss when my car hesitated starting up. But start up it did and we drove towards the park exit. At which time my cd stopped playing. I looked over at the radio to see NOTHING. No clock, zippy. I checked my gauges. Zippy. My car was stopping, so I turned as quickly as I could, while I still had some speed, onto the exit road. And there we stopped. Luckily, a DNR construction truck drove by very soon after and I flagged him down. He didn't have jumper cables, but quickly got a couple more park guys over in their truck to give us a jump, as I was hoping upon all hope that it would in fact start. Because really, once it's started, it's not supposed to stop. And that's what had just happened. Thankfully, the jump worked and we got home without incident. And home is where we've stayed all afternoon. Sorry grocery store, your visit will have to wait until we can get the car looked at. Ugh!! What is it with us and our vehicles lately?


BlondeBlogger said...

Wow...that's really going to a lot of lengths to avoid the grocery store! lol :)

Glad you got home safely and I pray it was just a fluke!

Tara said...

At least somebody stopped to help and it started! I am so afraid to drop my AAA coverage because although my car isn't brand new, it isn't old either and anything can happen.

lmc said...

What a bummer! I still can't believe we were there at Patapsco at the same time!

Brenna said...

that's too bad! i hope it can be fixed soon!