Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What I Learned This Week, Vol. 4

I'm joining Jo-Lynne's What I Learned This Week carnival again. I feel like I didn't learn much this week, but I did jot down a couple things to share. In crayon. Because I'm a mom and that's what was around. Posting this should be a little more civilized looking than my list.

**I dislike spiders. This, not a new thing learned. However, one evening I went to visit our downstairs bathroom barefoot and saw it. A big, black, creepy spider just waiting for me. I know it was waiting for me. To get me. I thought quickly and improvised. I promptly picked up the bathroom rug (rubber bottom) and placed it over the dratted arachnid and squished him under the rug. Hooray - I learned how to kill a spider with bare feet!

**I learned that the minutes between 10:30pm and 12am are by far the shortest minutes of the day.

**I learned that the passport office in Washington, DC is indeed hell on earth. For more about THAT...see this post.

So, what did you learn this week? Want to read about what other people learned? Check out Musings of a Housewife and check out her faithful readers' insights!


Tracey said...

I'm impressed with your spider-killing abilities! Spiders don't scare me quite as much as the flying roach-like palmetto bugs we have here in the coastal South. Few things make me scream like seeing one of those in the house!

Tara said...

I do not like creepy crawlies but I'm not afraid to kill them either. Do whatever it takes to kill them is my motto and sounds like you did!

JanMary said...

I am with you on the spiders!

When we were first married, and I found one, I would trap it under a glass, and leave a note for my dh, asking him to dispose of it.

Now I just ask my 9 year old daughter - she loves all bugs and crawlies, and will pick them up and release them outside!

Sarah said...

I agree on the spiders! I saw an ugly little beast inside my car window the other day. About had an accident swatting it out the window. Ugh!

Casy Schweickart said...

I am totally with you on the spider thing. I once had one chase me from our bathroom into the bedroom!! It is sooo true! Hank had this rice/sock thing that you heat up and rap around your neck and I threw it at the spider. For the first time my aim didn't fail me...squashed it flat!! LOL

The Real Me! said...

Girlfriend I am SO with you on the spider thing. Here's my story if you want to read it. You'll get a good laugh I'm sure. LOL
And I agree that time goes by so fast. Especially when you DON'T want it to.

Tiffany @ Lattes And Life said...

Seriously! What happens after 10PM with the time? It FLIES by for me too.