Saturday, June 6, 2009

Two Late Nights

Jillian has had the privilege of staying up late two nights in a row now, and I must say, she was on her best behavior for both. Last night we stopped into Ellicott Mills Brewing Company to grab a bite to eat, a beer to drink, and to catch up with our friends there. She moved around way too much to get a good picture of her, but we got her her own seat at the bar, sandwiched between me and my husband and she sat there contentedly eating bread and playing with french fries for a good hour and a half. WOW.

Tonight, we met up with my church choir at Blobs Park for our annual end-of-the-year choir bash. Not a lot of "bashing" going on, but it was a nice time. We arrived around 7pm so that Jillian could have some free time running and playing on the dance floor before the polka band started playing (and people started dancing) around 8pm. She was fascinated with the disco ball, and the lights that it reflected onto the floor. Not the best picture, I admit, but I was trying to get her running around "chasing" the lights on the floor.

She had SO much fun running around on that big dance floor!

Soon enough, though, she realized that she could not just play on the dance floor, but run the other direction toward the doors. UGH. She found this cardboard monk very interesting. I tried to get her to actually pose with him, but...yeah, right.

My favorite part of the night I think, was when we got our pitcher of beer. No sooner did the waitress bring it to us, place it (what appeared to be) out of arm's reach of the baby, than Jillian had her hands on it trying to get it. Not much beer was spilled - yay for Daddy's reflexes! - and it was pretty funny. All night she kept pointing at our beers and trying to reach them. Wonder where she gets that from?

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