Monday, June 29, 2009

Not me! Monday

Last week I discovered "Not Me Monday", started by MckMama. I really liked it, so I'm joining in this week.

Earlier this week, it was clearly not me that enjoyed a rare, uninterrupted shower. I obviously did NOT go to see what the toddler was so interested in that she ignored the normally fascinating (to her) shower experience. So it was clearly not me that finished her shower to find Jillian contentedly playing with the toilet plunger. Not me!

It was not me that decided to serve hot dogs for dinner this evening. Only to discover no. hot dog. buns. Anywhere. So I certainly did not serve newly invented 'hot dog wraps' which consisted of hot dogs, melted cheese, and condiments, wrapped in a tortilla. Nope, not me!

And lastly, it was definitely not me that allowed Jillian to play in the cupboards underneath the bathroom sink while I was trying to get a moments peace to blow dry my hair. And it was not me that let her play until her heart was content with some o.b.'s; not me that dashed for the camera to gather photographic evidence of this lovely female moment. And SO not me that was actually impressed with her imagination and the five different things that this toddler pretended they were. There is no way that was me!


emk said...

It's NOT my child who loves to play with the items in the Playtex box. :-) (I guess you just can't beat the fascination of a lot of individually-wrapped items!?)

Emily said...

Emily, are you unable to 'say' the word tampon? "the items" you crack me up! I'm so teaching brooks to say something inappropriate... like body parts!