Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Need to Know Tuesday, Vol. 9

I've been pondering and pondering what it is that I need to know this week, and today it came to me! A couple other moms and I took our toddlers to Sandy Point State Park this morning to play on the beach. And it was great! There was no charge for the little ones, and admission to the park for adults is only $4. While there is the whole dirty, sandy factor, Jillian loved playing in the water and sand. And there are picnic benches, showers in the bathroom, a concession stand, and a playground. We could SO spend an entire day there.

This made me start thinking about the Columbia Association pools, that are WAY expensive and usually packed-jammed crowded. We recently canceled our CA membership, because frankly, it wasn't worth what we were spending each month to basically go to the pool a handful of times during the summer. Get this...it costs $8 per adult and $5 per child (over 1 year old) to get into a CA pool. So for me, John, Josh, and Jillian to go to a CA pool that's 10-15 minutes away (depending on which pool), we pay $26 if they actually charge for Jillian. If we drive the 30 minutes go to Sandy Point, it would cost us $12 total. I think the price difference definitely makes up for the 60 mile round trip drive.

I've long been a beach girl, and prefer the softer sand of the Atlantic beaches, but the warmer water and closer location of Sandy Point may soon make it our favorite water haunt this summer. What I need to know this week, devoted readers, is which do you prefer...pool or beach? If it's a pool, what features do you like best (beach entry, water park, etc.)? If it's the beach, which one(s) are your favorites?


Brenna said...

ooooh...I'm a pool girl. We're CA members...soon we'll have to upgrade to the Package Plan Plus or Family plan in August since Amedeo is turning 18 months then. I like to go to the indoor pools in the winter, and eventually, I'll put Amedeo in the daycare that they have and go do a workout! Me time!

Of course, you have to do what feels comfortable for your family. I agree that CA is a bit pricey, especially if you live outside of Columbia. But, I like both pool and beach with a preference for pool, 'cause there's less mess and more shade.

JanMary said...

Definitely a beach!

Although the Atlantic is so cold here in Ireland, that we don't really in it. Great for a paddle though, and so much to do - sandcastles, bury siblings, look for shells, explore rock pools..... but the sand....it does get EVERYWHERE!

Casy Schweickart said...

Let me tell ya...I am a beach bum at heart! We usually go to Florida for vacation (except of course this year) to a little island called sanibel. Soft, beautiful beaches and warm water with little to no waves in most places. It is also a good place to go shelling, which Hank loves to do. I LOVE the beach!