Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Need to Know Tuesday, Vol. 6

This week has me thinking a lot about vacation. Our England trip is a mere nine days away (we're not counting down or anything...) and I'm starting to feel anxious about preparations. I've started my list - not the "to pack" list, but the more mundane, larger task list. You know, the one that has such un-fun items as: print/get notarized an authorization for my parents to get medical treatment for Jillian if necessary, transfer pictures off memory card to start with a blank slate, load songs on iPod, etc. Blah, blah, blah. What I really want to do is start packing! I LOVE packing for trips! Because it means we're just about ready to leave! It's the week before a trip that I don't love as much.

So, with vacations on my mind dear readers, I need to know, what do you do to prepare for a trip? What's your least favorite part about awaiting a vacation? And lastly, I want to know where everyone is going for vacation this summer...and more importantly, if you have kids, are you taking them?


Emily said...

I like packing because I like to compulively organize things but I HATE that I always bring so much more than I need!

Tara said...

Packing is my LEAST favorite thing mainly because I just know I'll forget something and I hate stuffing everything into luggage. The best thing I've come up with is a packing list. When I was having to pack all of the baby stuff (formula, spoons, bibs, burp cloths, etc.), I made a list before one of our trips. When I didn't forget one thing, I kept that list and now pull it everytime we go somewhere.

Just to our beach condo this summer but hopefully a cruise next March or so as a late 30th birthday present to me. Havent decided if we'll take Andrew or not.

Brenna said...

I dislike packing...that master list idea is a good one, Tara!

We don't have vacation plans yet...sigh. We're so lazy!

Casy Schweickart said...

I like the packing in that it means vacation is almost here, but no matter how organized I am I always feel like I am leaving something behind! We are going to Virginia Beach this year...Emily's first vacation ever and I am so excited!! ;0)

The 2 Cannons said...

I like packing, because it means I am going away, somewhere I want to go. I also always throw everything out in the refrigerator, so I can start fresh when I come home.

Vacation this year-YES! We are going to Nags Head for the first time ever. Children-YES! Our godchildren and family. I am so excited!!!