Monday, June 22, 2009

England Trip - The Beer

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: oh, the beer! We love real ales, you know, the lovely hand-pulled beers that some Americans call "warm". They're not, in fact, warm, just not ice cold. Their temperature probably would NOT make the mountains on a Coors Light bottle turn blue. They would most definitely NEVER be described as the "coldest tasting beer". Seriously, is cold a flavor? I think not.

The Tynedale Beer Festival...

We tasted (by the half pint):
Adnam's Explorer
Allendale Tar Bar'l Stout
Bellhaven 80/-
Big Lamp Premium
Consett Steeltown
Consett Blast
Daleside Old Legover
Dent Aviator
Fullers ESB
Fyne Ales Highlander
Geltsdale Hell Beck
Hadrian & Border Brewery Farne Island
Jennings Cumberland Ale
Jennings Sneck Lifter
Mordue Workie Ticket
Northumberland Brown Ale
RCH East Street Cream
Shepherd Neame Spitfire
Wylam Haugh Porter
York Centurion's Ghost
Youngs Special

The Boathouse in Wylam...

Fyne Ales Maverick
Fyne Ales Vital Spark
Hadrian & Border Brewery Newcastle Pioneer
Houston Peter's Well
Houston Warlock Stout
Jennings Honey Bole
Marston's Ashes Ale
Marston's Pedigree
Wylam Bitter

Of course we had a few others, Bombadier, Fullers London Pride, Adnam's Bitter, Tribute, and a couple ciders. Overall, I think we did our share of beer tasting while we were away. And while there were some we didn't love as much as the others, we didn't have any that were bad. No surprise there! We need a CAMRA here!


emk said...

Did you carry around a notebook for all your ale notes and commentary? Too fun!

jen@odbt said...

Wow! My husband would be in beer heaven. How fun!