Thursday, June 25, 2009

Afternoon Entertainment

Afternoons can be a tough time for Jillian. Especially when she takes a short nap. I often struggle trying to keep her out of trouble and entertain her. This afternoon was no different. But I had a thought! Last year I bought her the Parents Bee Bop Band Music Toy Set at a yard sale. I had let her play with it once or twice after we bought it, then put it away for when she was bigger. Well, she's bigger! And I pulled it out this afternoon! Hooray for "new" toys - she loved it!

After that fascination wore off, I filled up the baby pool and we played outside.

Hooray for afternoon entertainment!


MonkAre said...

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Brenna said...

awesome band set! looks like lots of fun. i know...those afternoons can get really looooooong!