Saturday, June 20, 2009

Adventures Abroad, Day 6

We awoke in Newcastle to a rainy day, as predicted. We visited their science center, the Life Science Centre. It was neat and interactive, and they had a pretty cool dinosaur exhibit, but it was definitely geared for kids.

Since we had planned to see some of the city and it was raining, we bailed and took a train back into Hexham to see if we could check out the Abbey crypt tour in the afternoon. And score! Whatever lighting problems they were having over the weekend were all fixed and we got to tour the seventh century crypt. It was quite tiny but very neat. Some of the stones were recycled from older Roman buildings and you could see some of the Roman carving and even letters on some of them. Seriously, third century stones? Pretty cool.

On the way back into Newcastle, we stopped in Wylam, where we had seen the Boathouse a few days before. What a fantastic pub! They had twelve real ales, two hand-pulled ciders, and a selection of cask ciders. We tried almost all of them. The best thing about the really good beer, you ask? You can get half pints so that you are able to try more of them! John took a really good picture at the pub, so I'll put that one up when I do a more detailed post about the beer. Oh, the beer. *sigh*

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