Sunday, June 14, 2009

Adventures Abroad, Day 2

We awoke to a lovely, sunny day. Did I mention how long the days are here? I awoke briefly around 6am and the sun was already shining. We enjoyed a wonderful English breakfast complete with ham, sausages, toast, egg, cereal, roasted tomato, and bean cakes. YUM. We crossed over the Tyne River and enjoyed the views as well as the beautiful weather.

We walked around town for a while after breakfast. Corbridge is a quaint, very small town with a rich history.

We visited St. Andrew's Church, which was originally consecrated in 676 AD. Seriously old. The church wasn't spectacular looking on the outside, but inside was great! Stunning details, beautiful stone arches, exquisite stained glass windows, and an old cemetery with huge monuments.

After our journey in the town, we trekked next door to the beer festival right around the time it opened. Oh, the beer!

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Casy Schweickart said...

HAHA...from the church to a beer festival! Your pics are great!