Sunday, June 14, 2009

Adventures Abroad, Day 1

Now that we're staying somewhere with free wi-fi, I'll take a minute or two to post about our adventure so far. I'll probably do a few summary posts while we're here and then post some more details once we return. We arrived in London Friday morning after an uneventful, albeit cramped and uncomfortable, direct flight. We met up with "fake" Aunt Jen for a couple hours, who is over here visiting family, enjoyed a couple of delicious pints, and visited Hamley's toy store in London. I could have spent days (and fortunes) in this five level toy store!

After a little confusion with the train system (apparently there is no longer a British or National Rail here, it's all franchised and broken up now), we caught a train to Newcastle. The countryside is lovely and the train ride was quite scenic (at least, what I saw of it when I wasn't catching up on my sleep). Here is the sunset I tried to photograph from inside the train - keep in mind, this was around 9/9:30pm over here. I can't believe how long it stays light here this time of year. Even now it is 10:30pm and the sky is still not completely dark.

We arrived in Newcastle and purchased train tickets out to Corbridge. We finally arrived and the beer festival was winding down for the night. It was quite busy Friday night! Our room at the Dyvels Inn was right next to the Tynedale Rugby Football Club, where the beer festival was being held. The room was LOVELY and spacious, and the owners were very accommodating.

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