Friday, May 22, 2009

Trial Run

Jillian is spending tonight at my parents' house as sort of a trial run for our upcoming vacation in June. She's spent the night there before, but we usually set up her PeaPod in the living room near my parents' room. For a whole week visit though, we thought it best that she sleep upstairs in the pretty guest room. So tonight is her "trial run" sleeping upstairs alone. I packed up the baby monitor and the baby's stuff and carted her up there earlier. I think Jillian will do just fine. Mom has done a great job getting things for her to play with there that she loves!

The small, antique, rocker that we got as a gift was a big hit!

And NiNi picked up a baby stroller for Jillian to push around too, which clearly will be the best thing ever!

John and I are going to see Garrison Keillor doing A Prairie Home Companion tonight at Wolftrap. I can't wait! Wolftrap is one of my favorite venues. Not only does it feel quiet and scenic, you can take your own food and beverages! Score for a picnic on the lawn. Beer: check; wine: check; cheese spread: check; crackers: check; salami: check; grapes: check.

Hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day weekend!!


Tara said...

Gosh I'd like to go just for the food! Yum! I hope she'll have a great time and maybe I need to look into getting a little stroller for A to push around also.

Jen Sellers said...

Molly did a trial run at my in-law's house last Saturday. We're also taking a mini-vacation in June, so wanted to test it out first. The only call we got was asking if Molly could eat pizza! This was the first time she'd slept away from home so it was very weird coming home from the movie to an empty house, and getting ready for church without a toddler running around.

Emily said...

I love Wolftrap too!