Sunday, May 24, 2009

Translation Anyone?

Jillian has been doing LOTS of babbling lately. She's often quite serious about what it is she's communicating and will talk for hours! This was the most I could capture on video; she magically clams up when the camera comes out. It's very cute, but I sure wish I knew what she was talking about!

Jillian reminded us of some valuable lessons today, too.

#1: Every princess needs a crown.

#2: Never forget to stop and smell the flowers.

#3: Sticking out our bottom lip will get us just about anything.

And just as quickly as mommy made her first attempt at actual pigtails...

Jillian, not surprisingly, learned to pull them out!


lmc said...

Cady has the same dress....I'm foreseeing a picture opportunity for the same birthday twinnies!

Emily said...

The last syllable sounds like "Mine" but the earlier stuff sounds like some of that weird bla-da-bla-da that they all seem to be doing now.

Julie Johnson said...

i LOVE the picture of her smelling the flower. happy memorial day!