Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Park Quest 2009 - Calvert Cliffs State Park

We took advantage of the wonderful weather today and drove down to Calvert Cliffs. For some reason, I had it in my head that it was super far away. It only took us about an hour and twenty minutes to get there this morning! I had a tip that a regular stroller might be a bit tough to manuever on the trail, so not having a jog stroller, I learned just how much that zipper pocket on our Ergo would hold. I was suitably impressed. I fit a sippy cup of water, two fruit bars, two cheese sticks, a baggie of wipes, two diapers, a change of baby clothes, two plastic bags (one for trash and one for shells and fossils), and my wallet/key chain. WOW. Jillian rode in the backpack for the 1.8 mile trek to the beach and again on the way back. I got a good workout.

The trail was a little mucky in places and was peppered with tree roots, but overall it was a nice walk. Tons of wildlife.

When we arrived at the beach, we encountered a couple that was leaving, and had the beach to ourselves for about an hour!

We collected some shells and fossils, but no shark teeth. I didn't think about taking something with which to sift through the silt! Oh well. We're definitely going back, so we'll find some shark teeth next time!


Mr Lee said...
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Party of Eight said...

Great job! And great pictures!

Awesome park, like you said, definitely one to return to!

Brenna said...

And the workouts get harder as they grow heavier! Whew! I'm impressed!

Jennifer Baldwin said...

oh, can we go the next time i'm up your way?? great pics of the beach & wildlife!... i love that you love looking at nature... must be one of the reasons we get along so well! xo