Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ocean City Weekend

As some of you probably know already, Jillian and I escaped to Ocean City for the weekend, while John and Josh were away in Huntsville, AL for Space Camp! We left early Friday morning, dropped the boys off at Dulles and headed east. After a stop at the funeral home in Centreville to see our friends (and let them see the baby!), we continued our journey and arrived at the beach around noon on Friday.

We settle in at Aunt Betsy's beach house...

and despite the cool temps, in my usual fashion, we headed right to the beach.

It was very windy on the beach, but still pretty. The sun even tried to make an appearance.

I saw this on the way back to the beach house and thought it was worth taking a picture of.

Friday evening we had dinner at Dogfish Head in Rehoboth Beach. I picked up a bottle of their chocolate infused vodka to try in White Russians when the weather warms up again. YUM!

My parents came down Friday night and stayed two nights. Chocolate donuts for breakfast!

We spent some time swinging on the back porch.

On Saturday, Jillian had her first Grotto pizza for lunch. Clearly, she's a big fan of it too!

Somehow during lunch, she managed to get her bib turned around like a cape. Kind of defeats the purpose, huh?

Jillian was a very conscientious guest and swept up when we got back from lunch.

Thinking the moms at the playground last week had a great idea with the beach balls (they're easy to tote around deflated!), I picked up a pack of two beach balls at CVS. I think she's been so fascinated with balls lately because "ball" is one of her new words. It sounds more like "ba", but she definitely means ball.

Aunt Betsy's lilacs were blooming beautifully.

Jillian preferred the azaleas.

We did carry out for dinner from one of John and my favorite places - Nick's House of Ribs. I got the obligatory rack of ribs, which were succulent. Of course I overate and Jillian and I grabbed the stroller after dinner and went for a nice, long walk through the neighborhood. We spotted an Egret!

Today was our last day, so I planned to head up to Rehoboth and head back from there (so we could stop at Sonic for lunch on the way home). But alas, by the time we got to Rehoboth, I was starved for lunch already and we stopped at the Grotto Pizza on the boardwalk. For those of you who haven't figured it out, I HEART Grotto Pizza. Jillian decided she wanted to use a fork. To eat her goldfish. Never mind that goldfish are finger food, even for us regular fork-users. But she managed it!

She also decided that she wanted to eat her pizza like this.

Rehoboth will always be my "home" beach, since I grew up vacationing there, so in spite of the rain, I had to get a picture of Jillian on the new boardwalk with the landmark Dolles sign in the background.

Jillian is definitely cut from the same cloth as mommy - she was all ready to go out on the beach!

Thanks Mom for coming and joining us (and treating us to some yummy meals and some outlet shopping!) and thanks Aunt Betsy for letting us stay at your fabulous beach house!


Brenna said...

looks like you had a great time! hope we get to go to the beach sometime soon too!

Carlson Family said...

Wow...what a fun trip! I still haven't been out there to the beaches yet, but I can see that I'll have to talk to you whenever we do make it.

Party of Eight said...

Beautiful photos! You're just like us...there are certain things we HAVE to do when we go to the Thrasher's french fries and Marty's Playland!!! Looks like J had a great time, soon she'll be in a bathing suit and running towards the ocean!!!

emk said...

Um, did you at least stop at Sonic for a beverage??!

Emily said...

Fantastic! It looks like such a fun time. Makes me excited to get away.