Friday, May 8, 2009


This morning we walked around Centennial Lake with "fake" Aunt Jen & Uncle Marc. We got to see some very pretty birds (BTW, anything with wings is now a "duck"), of which I took no pictures, but did get to see a gorgeous male Baltimore Oriole bird!

We found a cracked robin's egg. The picture doesn't do it justice - it was quite pretty.

We saw a butterfly that posed for us. Really, it did. A runner came by while I was snapping away, it flew off, and then returned to almost the exact same spot for me to get a few more shots!

We saw actual which Jillian pointed and exclaimed, "Duck!".

This evening Jillian had a little burst of energy she spent running and bouncing around the hallway like a pinball.

And just in case the stills aren't expressive enough, here's a video! I swear she runs and bounces off the walls just like a pinball!

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Jen Sellers said...

Look at her belly!! She's stylin' with the no shirt, one shoe look. :)