Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mama's Day 2009

We played it low-key today and had our mothers over to cookout for Mother's Day. Jillian enjoyed the food...especially the Berger's chocolate topped cookies that my mom brought.

She also enjoyed sipping on a Capri Sun.

My grandmother, Dottie, brought Jillian a piggy bank. She quickly got the hang of putting coins into it. And even quicker, she learned that Grandpa Charlie would give her more coins!

John took a couple pictures of our four generations. Left to right: Dottie, NiNi (my mom), me, Jillian.

Me and Jilly!

And Jillian found a new way to wear her shades!


Carlson Family said...

Berger cookies have been our favorite local discovery - yum yum! How special to have everyone together - the 4 generation pic is priceless.

Emily said...

I agree, 4 generations together is so special!

emk said...

J's dress is so cute!

Casy Schweickart said...

She always has the cutes outfits! Love the shades!