Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Joys of Columbia

While I have lived in the Ellicott City/Columbia area for almost 20 years now, I've never actually lived in Columbia "proper". What that means, is that I've never had nifty walking trails that connect to everywhere right in my backyard. We went geocaching today and found both caches for which we were searching. The second one led us down one such nifty trail off a court in a residential neighborhood and right to a tucked away mini-playground!

I guess every native "true-Columbian" knows about these, but this was my first experience stumbling on one. They're even numbered! This was KC4, I guess for Kings Contrivance 4. Cool. It had swings, which, for Jillian was the best part. It had a baby swing and a big kid swing, which I took full advantage of. Unfortunately, this is why mommy doesn't love swings. This is what happens when it's time to STOP swinging.

On the walk back, it was all about colors. We saw a black squirrel, who was too quick for me to get on camera. And a green fly. Now I'm sure everyone has seen these flies - they're the prettiest greenish-teal. Yes, it's still a gross fly, but I really liked the color!

And with Jillian on my back in the Ergo, I got another good workout!


Carlson Family said...

Wow...I know she's a little thing...but still, I am impressed that you're using the Ergo for your adventures lately!

melaniet42 said...

Today wasn't bad, but yesterday almost two miles round trip was tough! I probably wouldn't be able to do more than two miles one way with her in the Ergo, but it is a nice option since I don't have an off-road stroller!

Party of Eight said...

Sounds like fun! That park looks familiar, too. Great photos, Mel!