Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Need to Know Tuesday, Vol. 5

No matter how hard we try, we run into weeks where we have a cash crunch. As many of you know, John has officially left his full-time job for a part-time job that gives him some additional free time to spend with our own company, Enercient Systems Technologies. While we tried our best to plan for the new expenses we'd have (a truck payment, additional car insurance, our own health insurance, etc.), there are some months that we just come up short. And I don't think we're alone, especially in this economy.

I've done what I can to cut our household costs. I've cut back my cell phone plan. I joined Sams Club. I price-shopped Target, Walmart, Harris Teeter, and Sams Club item by item for our "regular purchases" to find out which store has the best value for each thing (I have a nifty little grid of this that I was going to post, but then realized that there may be some "personal" items on the list that not everyone wants to know about...). I canceled our Columbia Association membership that came up for renewal. We're still members until June 16th, but I figured out that even if we visit the pool 2-3 times/week during the summer, we still pay TONS less that keeping our membership that we never use the rest of the year. We got a more energy efficient washer and dryer. We signed up for BGE's PeakRewards program (they're coming to set it up this week, so we really haven't seen these savings yet). I've been more anal about turning off lights, unplugging cell phone chargers, etc. I even have some CFL's in our house. I'm out of ideas.

So this week, I need to know...what are you doing to save money when times are tight?


Fake Aunt Jen said...

one of the biggest things we did was get rid of dish network... we went and bought a basic antenna. since many tv stations broadcast in HD, and our tv is new enough, we get HD of the big four networks for FREE! :) another thing we did is reduce our trips to starbucks. we now go 2-3 times a week instead of 1-2 times a day. almost all our light bulbs are CFL's. i try to combine trips to the store to reduce gas consumption and eat at home more (huge savings!). we gave up the expensive blockbuster plan & switched to the cheapest netflix and also try to use the red box if necessary. additionally, if we do go out to a movie, we go to a matinee.

emk said...

I'm not sure we do anything different than what you've listed, but I'm DYING to know what the "personal items" on the grid are! :-)