Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Need to Know Tuesday, Vol. 4

Today's post is more of an "I Want to Know".

What do I want to know you ask? I want to know, for my parent readers out there, is what did you say before you had kids that you've reneged on? What I mean is, before you had kids, what did you see other parents/children doing that made you say, "I'LL never let my kids do THAT!". Or, "I'll NEVER do THAT!". Those of you without kids, feel free to weigh in, too! I know you have friends with kids, nieces, nephews, etc. Or, what do you see parents/kids doing that you "would NEVER let yours do"?

My list of these is long, but what made me want to do this post, is a moment that I had over the weekend. Jillian stayed with her Paw-Paw and Bubby this past Friday night so that John and I could attend WordCamp Mid-Atlantic on Saturday (we even had time for a movie Friday night, too!). We all went out to dinner when we picked up Josh and Jillian on Saturday evening. Jillian was dirty, but at dinner, she exhibited her usual exuberance for food and rubbed chili into her hair. And chili caked hair just doesn't cut it for church Sunday morning. Realizing that by the time we got home from Southern Maryland (well after bedtime), it would be too late to give her a bath, I did some quick thinking. And did something that was never on my "I would NEVER do THAT!" list. Simply because I had never seen it done. I ran out to the car, grabbed her sleeper from her overnight bag. I whisked my dirty, chili covered babe off to the ladies room and proceeded to lean her back and "wash" her hair in the sink at Hard Times Cafe. This was not a pleasant experience for either me or Jillian, but we came out of the bathroom with relatively clean (at least, food free) hair, clean diaper and clean sleeping clothes donned. My mix of emotions swung from proud of myself ("I'm so creative!") to terribly embarrassed ("I can't believe I just did that!").

So spill it for me faithful blog readers...what have you done with kids that you never, ever thought you'd do?


jennifer Baldwin said...

so what was the actual thing you thought you'd never do? wash your kid's hair in a bathroom or take her out in public in her jammies?? i don't see an issue with either. i think that's better than leaving the caked chili in her hair!! there's probably more i can expound on, but we'll stop there.

Brenna said...

I never thought I would be breastfeeding a baby in the parking lot of Arundle Mills Mall, while simultaneously changing his diaper.

Before kids, I wondered what all the fuss was about babies. I was certain that I'd never let a baby take over my life. HA! HA! HA!

melaniet42 said...

Jen, I never thought I'd be washing my baby's hair in the sink of a public bathroom. But I suppose it is better than the toilet!

Brenna, WOW! May I say that I'm impressed with your multi-tasking abilities?

Anonymous said...

for me, it was TV. Jame and I always talked about never letting the tv be the babysitter. HA! Sometimes, dinner just has to get made.

Yeah, washing the baby in a public sink was never on my "not to do" list...but only because it never occured to me. Otherwise I would have broken that rule, too.

Before becoming a mom, I didn't have a lot of hard and fast rules about what kind of parent I would be. Which as made it easier, actually. I freely acknolwedge that I'm fliying by the seat of my pants!!

Hey, when are we going to lunch again? Are you going to swing by and check out my new office?


emk said...

Mine is, not surprisingly, food-related. I was going to be one of those "say no to processed food" parents so I certainly never thought I'd be this freaking ecstatic when my kid eats a chicken nugget! I really didn't ever think we'd have to deal with such picky-eating issues. Sigh.

Allison said...

Totally fast food. (hanging head in shame)