Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Need to Know Tuesday, Vol. 3

Thank you all again for your input last week! I still haven't made a decision about our final communication plan, but I'm going to talk to Verizon and see what they offer for travel to the UK. I really like the idea of having my own phone and phone number so we can be reached. I'm also going to plan on picking up a prepaid calling card while we're there to call home and check in. Laptop will be the final backup. I'm sure we'll have at least one, but wifi access (and it's cost) may be an issue for part of our trip.

So this week, I need to know...

Pool or Sprinkler?

I want to get something for Jillian to cool off in this summer. So the big debate...a baby pool or a sprinkler? Here are my thoughts.

Pros of a sprinkler: it's quite mobile and I can put it wherever our grass needs watering. I can get a cute one for around $10.
Cons of a sprinkler: it seems like it would use a lot of water. And Jillian may not pay any attention to it if she has a choice.

Pros of a baby pool: it uses a finite amount of water. Jillian would be contained for a period of time in it.
Cons of a baby pool: I think it would be ordealish to carry it and dump the water where we need it for the yard. Here's the biggie, though...I can't find them! I've looked at Target and Walmart. I thought for sure they'd have them. But alas, pool toys - yes, baby pools - no. I also imagine that they'd cost a bit more than a sprinkler.

Loyal readers, what do you think?


Emily said...

Check amazon. They have some awesome inflatable ones with different activity centers and such!

emk said...

I have no wisdom about the particular quandary, but I LOVE the word "ordealish"!

Carlson Family said...

I've seen inflatable pools at Target and I don't think they were too pricey. They were not with the toys, but kinda in their own "summer" section in between toys and clothes. I think this was at the Long Gate Target.

Cmaaarrr!!! said...

I'd say go for the pool - at this age, it will probably have more "staying power" in terms of entertainment than the sprinkler.

Agreed with Emily on Amazon as the place to go.

And agreed with emk that ordealish is an awesome word. :)

Melissa said...

Sadie loved her pool last summer (and so did Jillian!) so I would go with that. Ours is from target. Sadie was given a beach ball sprinkler thing so you guys are welcome to come over anytime!

Casy Schweickart said...

You know you can always order a baby pool on-line and wal-mart has those site to store things were you don't have to pay shipping. I got a really cute one that blows up and has a little slide but it has either been too wet, too cold or just plain too busy to use it yet.

Party of Eight said...

Both! They make the pools with the sprinkler attachment ;) Yeah, summer!