Monday, May 11, 2009

Food Fun

For Jillian's afternoon snack today, I decided to let her try a popsicle. I figured it would give her a snack and relieve any tooth pain she may be having.

She wasn't so sure about it.

We had fajitas for dinner, and Jillian got to play with a spoon when we were done. She loved the sour cream best!


Brenna said...

isn't it interesting how they like sour things? amedeo gladly eats sour cream and unsweetened yogurt! i was so surprised!

Musings from Me said...

I love the expression your daughter has in the last photo. Sour cream does have a tang to it. I always loved giving my children interesting thing to taste. Funniest was a pickle -- my daughter did the puckered lips. Least fave a lemon wedge.