Saturday, May 9, 2009


We went yard sale-ing this morning. Our plan was to hit six sales and we were armed with plenty of change. We ended up going to the six planned yard sales and went to two impromptu that we passed on the way home. We spent a grand total of $16.35. And came home with this for Jillian...

and these....

Added bonus for finding two books on our "wish list" to add to our permanent library. Apparently Jillian wants to read "big girl" books...hence "The Meanest Doll in the World".

Extra super bonus for finding a "classic" that I had as a kid - a Fisher Price Roly Poly Chime Ball!

I found this for us...

While we were at one yard sale, Jillian picked up some cars and acted like they were the coolest things she had ever seen. Needless to say, we have tons of cars at our house, so I didn't buy them for her. This afternoon, I fished out the circa 1973 (no, I'm not THAT was just made in '73) Mercedes Matchbox car that I played with as a wee one. And she had tons of fun making it go "Vroom!".

When we went outside to play before dinner, I handed Jillian a caterpillar to learn about. I think her expression says it all!

Gus wanted a caterpillar too! Too bad this one was on the other side of the window!

Then I gave Jillian a bottle of water to enjoy outside...since she spills most water bottles all over herself.

A couple of nature thoughts to share:

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Casy Schweickart said...

Oh my goodness...I love the poly chime ball...we used to play with my mothers when I was little!!