Friday, April 10, 2009

Tree Climbing?

Jen and I walked around Lake Elkhorn this morning, hoping to beat the rain (that still hasn't come, by the way...). After our walk, we went back around the path a bit so Jen could check out a bird she was looking for. I let Jillian get down (she was in the Ergo by this point) and put her in this tree. She wasn't thrilled about it, but to me it looked like a great climber!

Then we went to Harris Teeter. I didn't get a picture of Jillian pushing the "Customer in Training" mini-cart around the store, as I was busy 'helping' her steer. But I will next time. It was adorable and she loved it! Mental note to pass by the free cookie for the kids stand at the END of the visit - two hands pushing the cart are better than one. The little cart was great for me though...I had to stick to my list and not pick up those pesky "extras" that always seem to end up in our cart!

Jillian ate another jelly bean today at home, from her Easter Eggs. This one she really played with, and mostly just chewed the orange coating off of it. Messy, but cute!

And lastly, I'm not the queen of the self-timer pictures, but after my shower today, I felt like I looked decent. It had been a while since we took one, so I pulled out the camera again and mini-tripod and grabbed the baby. Not a bad result, if I may say so!


Melissa said...

you guys look great! hope to see you soon! Have a great Easter weekend!!

Carlson Family said...

Love the self-timer pic - you look great and Jillian is as cute as ever!

Emily said...

Your instincts were correct! This is a cute pic!