Sunday, April 5, 2009


Today was a little cool, but lovely out and super sunny! Jillian wanted to come outside and play this afternoon. She loves the great outdoors. Even when I was ready to come in, she wanted to stay outside. And fussed until we went back out. I suppose I can't complain about a baby that WANTS to play outside, huh?

She tried to get her hat off, but I distracted her.

No superstitions here - walking (playing, sitting, etc.) under a ladder is no problem!

When she walks, she swings her left arm like crazy. We think she thinks it helps her go faster. Here she is swinging her arm and modeling the shirt that I painted!

Some tears were shed - tantrums were in full effect today.

And then I made a yummy dinner of pork chops, baked apples, and some veggies. I took some help from the Green Giant on the veg and bought the Simply Steam vegetable packs. This was "Sliced Yellow Corn, White Navy Beans, Chopped Spinach in Garlic Herb Sauce". It was surprisingly good and Jillian liked the spinach!

Who ever heard of a baby that prefers beans and pork to carrots and apples?!?


Emily said...

We need to create a no tantrum zone. I don't know where it would be or how it would work, but there should be one so we can use it!

Brenna said...

dinner looks great! soooooo...i'll beover tonight!

and...sign us up for the no tantrum zone.

The Kento Beans said...

what happened to the sunglasses?!

melaniet42 said...

The shades were on earlier in the day, but for our second foray into the great outdoors I left them inside. I'm so sneaky.