Thursday, April 30, 2009


This afternoon we met up with my friend Amy from high school and her little ones at Centennial Park for some playground time and geocaching. It was very exciting - Jillian felt daring enough to go down two different slides by herself. She went down the twisty one twice. I only got one picture of her doing it, mostly because I wanted to be at the bottom to catch her. Please note, she didn't pick the tallest, steepest slide, but she was close. I couldn't even reach her at the top of them. Not even close. Here's the one picture I took of her before she came down the twisty slide for the second time. Pictured behind her are Amy's two girls, Josie & Brady.

I went through the archives to find a picture to illustrate the height of this slide. It's a little blurry, but you get the idea. I was floored that she wanted to go down alone. With very little hesitation and encouragement.

During our various recent outings, I've spent time on the ground and have been looking for a four leaf clover. Lo and behold, as we walked up our sidewalk, there it was!


Brenna said...

that is one HUGE slide! wow!

Carlson Family said...

Wow...awesome clover! I don't think I've ever found an actual 4 leaf clover.

Party of Eight said...

We had a lot of fun, too! It was great to catch up and meet J: she is a doll! We all can't wait to get together again. Have fun at the beach this week-end!