Monday, April 27, 2009

Seriously Maryland?

I know, I know. The weather does this every year. It goes from cold and dreary to SUPER hot without much middle ground. But it still irks me every year. I like warm weather and summer, but even more, I like a T-R-A-N-S-I-T-I-O-N.

Anyway, enough venting. What warm weather means around here is outside playtime! And with outside playtime comes...SKINNED KNEES and SCRAPED LEGS.

Jillian wouldn't model those beat up legs for me, but I did my best to capture her outdoor boo-boos. (The brown mark on her right leg is a birthmark.)

After bathtime tonight, Jillian stole daddy's glasses right off his face...again. But this time, she managed to get them on hers!


The Kento Beans said...

well, she's gotta wear SOME sort of glasses! she looks so cute!

Jen Sellers said...

Molly has started wearing her sunglasses all day like Jillian. I think b/c daddy wears glasses, she wants to wear some too. I was so surprised that she kept them on!

Carlson Family said...

That is the baby genius look!

Brenna said...

tell me about it with these super hot days...with no transition. wish there was more spring!!!