Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Easter Stuff

This morning we headed up to church for their annual Easter Egg Hunt. The weather was a bummer, but they held the hunt indoors. There were tons of eggs for the kids to find and there were three separate areas for different age groups. Jillian wasn't much into searching for eggs today, but instead wanted to play in the Sunday school classroom for the two year olds.

She tried out the toddler sized chairs, backwards of course.

Then she played in the toy kitchen.

When we went downstairs, she went straight for the kiddie clipboards and sat down to color.

We ventured all the way downstairs finally, to join in the festivities there. Jillian tried her hand at hula-hooping.

Then she found the emptied out stash of Easter eggs - this was very exciting to her!

At home we gave Jillian her Easter basket since after church tomorrow will be naptime and then up to my mother's house we will go. Where she will no doubt have a bigger and better Easter basket than the one I put together.

This basket was the perfect size to hold Jillian.

We gave Jillian her hollow bunny to attack after dinner.

I think it went well!


Jen Sellers said...
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Jen Sellers said...

I love her sitting in the basket! And man, she went to town on that chocolate bunny!!

The Kento Beans said...

What a fabulous Easter celebration!