Saturday, April 4, 2009

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

As some of you know, Mary Poppins is our favorite movie. The kite flying scene at the end has had me thinking about our kite. And flying it. It's a semi-complicated two-handed one, so today we went by the Hobby Shop in Laurel and picked up a couple simpler kites. We took full advantage of the windy weather and trekked down to DC. And did NOT go see the cherry blossoms, although we did experience the traffic and waits at restaurants associated with the lovely blooming trees.

Josh did a great job flying the F-16 kite we picked up.

We let Jillian out of her stroller and let her stretch her legs for a bit. She has no fear and would just keep walking and walking if we let her!

This is the monkey kite that I picked out!

Daddy put Jilly on his shoulders while flying a kite - so talented!

It was super windy and we had a great time! Note to self - sunscreen and hats next time - we all walked away with a little sunburn on our faces!


Emily said...

I'm still loving the sunglasses. I want to buy some for Jack but with Jillian being such a cuttie about wearing hers it's hard not to have expectations! Gulp.

Brenna said...

what a fun day! i like the monkey kite! yep, amedeo won'tkeep his glasses on tos ave his life.