Saturday, April 18, 2009

Indooor/Outdoor Play

This morning we went to Melissa and Sadie's house for a long overdue playdate. It was a wonderful time and Sadie was a very gracious host! She shared all her favorite toys with Jillian happily. Jillian, on the other hand, is not as good at sharing.

Here is Sadie sharing her special chair with Jillian. And Jillian is not happy that she doesn't have it to herself.

Sadie cheesed it up for the camera!

And here are the girls playing. Sadie was helping Jillian drink her water. I can tell that she's going to be a great big sister!

This afternoon we headed out to Centennial Park to play outside on this lovely day.

It wasn't the windiest of days, but there was enough of a breeze to get the kites out. Josh is getting pretty good at this kite-flying thing! (until the kite got away from him - what an adventure!)

Jillian and I walked a little bit, played on the playground, met many dogs, and talked to everyone! Shy she is not. Then we took a break.

And today's lesson learned: pine cones are tasty.


Brenna said...

why do they put so much outdoorsy stuff in their mouths? amedeo was licking rocks yesterday...silly babies

Carlson Family said...

Is it horrible that I LOVE the pic of Jillian crying in the chair with Sadie?! Soooo cute!!