Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Need to Know Tuesday

I read so many blogs that have catchy themes...Wordless Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, What I Learned this Week, etc. Today, I'm starting my own..."I Need to Know" Tuesday. Because I think of random things during the week and wonder, "Do other people encounter this issue/problem/THING?".

I've got a haircut scheduled next week with a new stylist at a home salon that Emily recommended - BTW, THANK YOU! I'm very excited about it! I can't wait to get my haircut somewhere that I can take my toddler that is baby friendly while I get a cut and color, for just over half what I pay at my "gucci" salon in Georgetown. And it's MUCH closer to home, too!

So today...I need to know:

1) I have to cancel my upcoming hair appointment with my current stylist scheduled for later in May. I love having her as my stylist, but after following her from a salon in Bethesda (when I worked in Bethesda) to a salon in Georgetown now, the drive is killer. And with money tight, continuing to go there just doesn't work for me right now. When I call and cancel, I think I should ask to speak to her directly rather than cancel with the receptionist and not reschedule. What do you think?

2) Also, I've never been able to find a hard-and-fast rule about tipping for haircuts. Do you stick with the 15-20% rule? I'm usually a generous tipper at meals (starting at 20%). If my haircut is inexpensive, for example, $25, I think tipping $5 or so is totally ok. But if I pay $200 for cut, color, etc. in an expensive salon, is the 15-20% rule still in effect? Do people really expect a $40 tip AFTER you've paid almost $200 for a 'do? Or is there some kind of sliding scale for this sort of thing? I feel like I've always done alright tipping (around $30 for a cut & color at my salon for $175), but now that I have an appointment (at a toddler-friendly home salon, no less), I wonder how much to bring for tip. I know how much she charges for highlights/lowlights with a cut. Do I bring 20%? More because of the toddler-friendly factor?

Faithful readers, I need to know.


Melissa said...

hey there. I always tip 20% for haircuts. Hope the new place works out for you!! And I would likely cancel with the receptionist :)

Party of Eight said...

Cute idea! UMmmmmmmmmm, I would cancel with the receptionist, unless you guys are friends outside of the salon. And I would stick with the 20%.

BTW, tomorrow will be cloudy...but it doesn't look like rain, yet. Let me know what you want to do.