Friday, April 3, 2009

Fun Friday

Since the we woke up to tons of rain, we moved our walking "date" indoors and met up with "fake" Aunt Jen at Arundel Mills to get our exercise. After two laps around the mall and a stop at Starbucks, Jillian got to spend more time with her favorite character of late, the Easter Bunny. No pictures this time, but rest assured, Jillian happily played with him for a good ten minutes or so before we left. Really, she LOVES the Easter Bunny.

Beautiful weather broke through after nap time, so we ventured outside to see what trouble we could find.

Jillian desperately wants to be able to go down stairs like us big people - on her feet and facing forward. The dilemma of course, is her size. She's just about too short to physically carry out this task. Though she proved me wrong when she shrugged off my hand, grabbed the handrail, and made her way down a couple steps on her own today.

We tasted rocks...

...and wood.

I documented my gardening success of the season (I am by no stretch a good gardener!). A couple weeks ago while John was helping the neighbors trim some trees, I spotted some blooming daffodils and another UBP (unidentified budding plant) in the woods. Having a bare spot where an ugly bush used to live, right by our front steps, I got an idea. I decided to dig them up and transplant them. I cut off the daffodil blooms and brought them inside to enjoy in a vase on our kitchen table. I took my chances with the UBP. Well, the daffodils aren't dead and the other plant is blooming! Hooray!!

My mom thought it might be a hyacinth by looking at it budding, but now that it's actively blooming, I don't think it is. Any thoughts from gardening friends out there in the blogosphere?

We found a squirrel digging up his food.

Then I snapped some photos of the neighbors' flowering magnolia tree - it is beautiful, and a sure sign that spring has arrived!


Carlson Family said...

So Jillian is now looking at that world through rose-colored the new shades! And I applaud your gardening innovation!

melaniet42 said...

I had to buy some kind of sunglasses for her to wear around the house when she feels so inclined!