Sunday, April 26, 2009

Full Weekend

We had a full, fun weekend! Saturday we went to the big yard sale at Glen Mar UMC, picked up a few bargains, and visited with our friend Jen (and bought an adorable hair bow for Jillian!).

Jillian was showing off her new hair bow before our friends Lisa, Jamie, and their son Luke came over to cookout Saturday evening.

Didn't get any pictures of the kids playing, but we had a great time hanging out, eating burgers, playing Taboo!, and of course, drinking some beer and wine!

This morning, after a night of boycotting sleep, Jillian was sporting her new bow again.

We stayed in for much of the day today, but did venture out this evening once it cooled down a bit. Daddy blew bubbles.

Jillian tried to take the wand away.

We let her try it, but she didn't quite "get" the blowing air through the holes part. Instead, she tried to drink the bubble liquid. She found out that it didn't taste as good as it looked!


Carlson Family said...

Love the new bow! We also picked up a new bow from Jen at the Glen Mar yard sale. We'll have to chat about toddler hair styling tips because I need help!

melaniet42 said...

I'm not especially picky about her hair "styles". I consider anything that she keeps in for more than five minutes a win!

The Kento Beans said...

Sad we missed you at the yard sale this year-- but love the new bow!

Jen Sellers said...

Yeah for cute girls and bows!! I'm impressed at how well her bow matches her flower shirt. Such a cutie. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the new blog design!
We had a great time Sat. night. Too bad I totally forgot to take a picture one of the many times Luke tackled Jilly for a kiss. Eh. Next time. :-)