Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First Easter Egg Hunt

The Elkridge Library/Senior Center held their annual Easter Egg Hunt this morning and we met up with some of our moms group friends to let our little ones try it out. They started out with a VERY crowded magic show before the hunt that we could have done without. Jillian was not especially interested, nor were most of the younger babies, and did I mention that it was CROWDED?!? That aside, the egg hunt was nice. They allowed kids 2 and under to get a head start and each child was allowed to find four eggs. I helped Jillian with her four, and then she discovered one on her own! I let her keep "her find" and put one of the others back. I learned today that Jillian likes jelly beans. I wasn't going to give her any, thinking they might pose a choking hazard, but she dropped one out of an egg and bent down to pick it up. Into the mouth it went. She did well, chewing it thoroughly, and even spitting it into her hand to take a "break". Here are some pictures of our little darling at the hunt.

Later in the afternoon we met up with "fake" Aunt Jen to walk around Centennial Lake. Jillian fussed about being in her stroller for half of the walk, so I set her free when we were done to let her stretch her legs. She's such a goof!

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Brenna said...

I still can't get over those shades! wtg, jilli!