Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Day at the Park

We met up with our fellow mom friends at Rockburn Branch Park in Elkridge this morning, before the heat really got turned up. It was a nice turnout and a nice time!

Jillian, as usual, enjoyed the swings. Amedeo was fascinated by his fellow swing-lover.

Jocelyn enjoyed swinging, too!

Jilly waved a friendly "hello" to Lindsey and her camera.

Cady was ready to roll, keys in hand!

Amedeo enjoyed playing with a stick, as little boys (and girls) do.

Jack had fun pushing his stroller around.

Brooks tried showing Jillian how to climb the "rock wall".

Jillian pondered trying to climb the "ladder wall". And decided against it.

Jillian strutted her stuff on the catwalk while Cady looked on. Really, it's a ramp. She's a little OCD when it comes to ramps. Up the ramp...down the ramp...up the ramp...down the ramp....

Jack strutted his stuff too.

I went down the tall slide with Jillian. It made lots of static!

And Lindsey got a great shot of Jilly sticking her tongue out while swinging!

As our friends started heading out, some other moms with older kids came to the playground and brought some inflatable beach balls, which they generously shared with us!

What a fun time!!!


Melissa said...

what a great day! I LOVE Jillian's outfit!!

Brenna said...

impressively long posting! you got lots of good photos in there! we had a great time at the park too!