Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend. We attended "Walk Thru the Old Testament", a seminar hosted by Oakdale Emory United Methodist Church in Olney. It was great, and the best part is, Jillian did great with the childcare on Friday night and Saturday morning! This is a big thing for me, since she really does NOT like being left in nursery at our church on Sundays (I think because there aren't many babies there - distractions, aka other kids, are wonderful things!).

She felt warm yesterday afternoon and woke up with a fever and a phlegm-y cough this morning. :-( I think she may have a touch of a cold, but I also think she's starting to cut her canines. Her little tongue was going to town this afternoon on her lower gum and we have drool galore. I hope that is the case...because if we can get those in soon, we shouldn't have to worry about more teeth until two-year molars (fingers crossed...)!

Jillian has had more fun playing in her box-house than I could have imagined. Here she is chilling this afternoon (between bouts of crying and clinging) with her animal crackers, engrossed in our/her favorite movie, "Mary Poppins".

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