Sunday, March 1, 2009

Who You Callin' a Shrimp?

When I went to Harris Teeter Friday, they had these lovely, big, East Coast Wild Caught shrimp on sale. For $4.99 per pound! What's the catch you ask?

Yep, they had heads. I've never cooked shrimp with heads before. For that matter, I've never steamed shrimp before. I have a steamer, which currently lives in storage. It didn't make the cut when we were de-cluttering the kitchen counters before putting the house on the market. So after some instruction from my handy hubby, I made a makeshift steamer and steamed these babies up!

The finished product:

That was tonight's culinary win - trying something new in the kitchen!


Brenna said...

looks interesting! i love shrimp, but think i might be too squeamish to pick the heads and appendages off. you're so brave!

The Kento Beans said...

It's taken me 3 viewings to work up the nerve to leave a comment-- those things are SCARY! :-) I am SUPER impressed by this particular culinary feat! Hope they were tasty!