Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Toys and Tantrums

Jillian played with her ring stacker toy today and figured out how to actually put the rings on it, instead of just chewing on them! She hasn't learned how to put them in order by size, yet, but that will come.

Then she walked around with one of daddy's hats pulled down over her eyes.

And of course the afternoon ended in a tantrum, or a series thereof. Which is pretty normal. And annoying. We do this throwing ourselves back on the ground thing in a fit anywhere that the mood strikes us. And by we and us, I mean Jillian. She's been doing it for a while, but lately she is doing it with an increasing frequency. Ugh! I thought this wasn't supposed to start until the "terrible twos"!


Emily said...

Amen about that terrible two's crap, how about the terrible ones?!

Melissa said...

the closer to 2 we get here, the worse it gets I am sorry to say. This week, we determined the tantrums are actually driven by a bad ear infection so maybe next week will be a little better.

Jillian is awfully cute!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting topic, since this was Moxie's blog post yesterday.

I hate these tantrums, because it's actually easier to deal with Ben's fits. With a 4 year old, I just tell him he can't speak to me like that and when he's ready to talk nicely, I'll listen.


Brenna said...

i like the picture of her having a fit...hilarious!