Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Has Sprung!

Well, officially at least. And this afternoon's weather was quite spring-like. Daddy and I tooled around the yard today, me pruning roses and transplanting daffodils and him cutting down trees and tree branches, chainsaw in hand, with the neighbors. Jillian napped through most of the fun, but when she woke up, I brought her outside, determined that she would enjoy the weather as much as we were.

Mission accomplished!

Jillian hasn't spent a great deal of time exploring the outdoors without the constraints of a stroller (other than playgrounds). Jillian graciously helped out with the raking. Then we took a stroll on the path behind our townhouses. Some rocks and dirt were tasted and flowers were worn behind the ears. The flower bed made a comfortable seat. I even let her drink water from a water bottle by herself and have a CapriSun! I figured that she was already dirty, at least she could spill them outside and it wouldn't stress me out!

I took a couple springy photos.

And I got an accidental artsy picture from a cool reflection in my eye in a self-portrait.


Emily said...

Ooohhh Cool!

Brenna said...

mmm dirt tasting. i admit it...i'm a germaphobe...i hate it when amedeo tastes dirt, leaves, sticks and sand. ew ew ew. but he does it anyway. nothing bad has happened yet. :)

Casy Schweickart said...

Love the flower behind the ear!!