Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed...

This post has nothing to do with weddings, but I'm running out of creative titles for my posts. Jillian still felt bad this morning and took a HUGE midday nap (three hours)! She woke up feeling MUCH better, all smiles and energy. We didn't chance meeting up with the other moms - no sense in sharing germs that we know we have. We did make our weekly trek to the library. I've been rotating which branches we visit, checking out the different features of the children areas of each. Today we visited the Elkridge branch (Savage is next on my list). So far, I prefer their "tots' cove" better than that of East Columbia or Central, though I think that Central has a larger board book selection. We checked out new books and a couple movies. (something old and something borrowed)

Then we headed up 100 to Arundel Mills Mall. I felt like walking around a bit and didn't feel like doing it outside. And besides, even a non-shopper like me feels the need to browse stores on occasion! My browsing paid off and the Children's Place was having a FABULOUS sale! Tons of winter and some spring-like things on sale for $2.99! WOW. I even had to ask an associate, just to make sure. I didn't totally load up, but I did pick up a few things; some for the rest of the season, and some for the transition into spring.

Here is Jillian sporting her new hoodie sweater, and drinking from my empty water cup. (something new)

During our nightly bath, I pulled out the baby toothbrush that I have and decided to give Jilly's teeth a brush, now that she has molars. I think the bristles are too hard, but I had it on hand, and Jillian seemed to enjoy it...to the point that she took over after I was in there and continued brushing for the rest of bath time. And gave a terrible shriek when I took it away because bath time was over. When she gets older and fights me brushing her teeth, I'll have to remind her of this.

This picture isn't as good as most because I didn't have the camera in the bathroom with me, so I used my cell phone camera.

(and no reference to the post title here...notice I didn't say "something blue")


Carlson Family said...

Cady has the same hoodie sweater!! If that's the peach one...or is it pink? Anyhoo...now the girlies born the same day can dress like twins!

melaniet42 said...

Yep - it's the peach one!

Brenna said...

oooo...we'll have to go to Arundle Mills soon...A needs some spring clothes.
Target has a nice selection of baby toothbrushes. Go in the aisle with the adult toothbrushes...they're opposite the adult ones. A likes the taste of the baby toothpaste...which helps marginally.