Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lazy Saturday

After some early errand running and later brunch eating, we did some hard core playing around the house. Jillian practiced stacking her rings again. This is now one of her favorite pastimes.

This afternoon, I had my slippers on and Jillian decided during naptime to go sans socks. I pulled out the bunny slippers that she's had for ages and can finally fit into! She actually didn't mind them and wore them around for a while; until she found one of her shoes and insisted that I put that on her foot instead. Here she is modeling her slippers and pointing at the tv (we watched the Planet Earth DVD set today!).


Brenna said...

those bunnies are cute! we really liked the planet earth...which did you get the american commentator or the european?

melaniet42 said...

I think ours have the American commentator. I haven't watched much of the "bonus" stuff, but Sigourney Weaver narrates. We got the DVD set as a Christmas gift the year before last.