Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ladies' Lunch

Jillian and I met with our friend Jazz and her daughter Jayla today for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. We've been planning to do it for a while and finally got the chance! We/I haven't seen Jazz since I was pregnant, so she finally got to meet Jilly in person. And Jilly got to meet Jayla who is almost two, and from whom we get awesome hand-me-downs! The wait was long at the restaurant (seriously Cheesecake Factory, 25-40 minutes for lunch at 2:30pm?!?) and parking was a nightmare at Columbia Mall, but it was so nice to catch up with them over a good lunch and some yummy cheesecake!

We strolled briefly through the mall after lunch to look for some deals at Gap. Didn't find any "deals" of note, but Jillian staked her claim on a Jellycat pig that is SO soft (I've been eying up the Jellycat collection on for some time now...). She did not want to part with it, and since we had a gift card that covered most of lunch, I sprung for it.


Brenna said...

what did you have for lunch??

Jazz said...

I love the idea of a ladies' lunch as much as I enjoyed participating in one! :o)