Friday, March 13, 2009

Dinner Out

We all went to dinner at Frisco Grille this evening. Not because we have tons of extra money, but because my energy level between the baby being sick and then me catching her cold, is fairly low. So dinner cooked for us and a couple good beers sounded right up our alley.

Jillian was amused by the sugar packets, and they occupied her for a good period of time. I didn't have the "good" camera, so the cell phone pictures were all I got.

Despite our normally good eater going through a very frustrating food strike, she was very happy to share daddy's black beans; so much so that we got her a small helping on the side (Frisco is very accommodating with babies!) and she gobbled most of them up!

My thoughts for the evening...the Legacy Nor'easter Ale is fabulous!

1 comment:

Brenna said...

Oooooh...I'm right there with you on the food strike. Don't worry...hopefully those beans will whet her appetite again.
Yay for dinner cooked by other people!