Sunday, March 29, 2009

Celebrating a Birthday

This afternoon Jillian and I headed up to Aunt Betsy's house in Manchester to celebrate cousin Julie's birthday.

Jillian ate cake and ice cream standing up and used the wrong end of her fork.

What I like most about the next two pictures is the thrilled expression on my mother's face (she's in pink).

After cake and ice cream, Jillian spent some time doing her favorite thing - swinging on the swing!

Jillian had a good time playing with cousin Jesse's dog Stanley.

Jillian loves exploring. She took a stroll down the lane.

And as the sky started to look ominous, we said our goodbyes and headed home.

We had a great time and were reminded again just how lucky we are that our family lives close by (well, within an hour of us). Except cousin Julie who flew in from Seattle to celebrate her birthday. Happy Birthday Julie!

This evening we had more will-exerting around the house. Daddy was entertaining Jilly while I made her nighttime bottle and as usual, she took his glasses. In a moment of what at the time appeared to be genius, I got her baby shades out and put them on her. Daddy got his glasses back and Jillian looked cute. This apparent stroke of genius backfired, as Jillian insisted on bathing while wearing her shades.

And continued wearing them during bedtime routine.

And wore them to bed. Nice. She clearly has a mind of her own.


Brenna said...

that's really funny about the glasses! and now you have me wanting cake at 11:30 in the morning! thanks.

Julie Johnson said...

i love reading your blog. i'm glad i got to see you and jilly. and i LOVE aunt g's face in the second pic. classic.